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Maida Vale is a luxurious neighbourhood famed for its tranquil canals decorated with beautiful houseboats, picturesque tree-lined streets, Regency stucco terraced townhouses, and the renowned Maida Vale Studios. When local residents refer to Maida Vale, they talk of the sense of calm in the area that you don’t find anywhere else in the capital. It is widely believed that Lord Byron gave the area its name, as it reminded him of the canal network in Venice. The average house price in Maida Vale, reported by Zoopla, stood at £995,038 in March 2018; compared to the average property price of £485,500 throughout London. Nearly all homes in the area are apartment’s, and homeowners may pay over £2,000,000 for apartments on prime streets in Little Venice, such as Blomfield Road, Clifton Gardens and Warrington Crescent.

West Maida Vale is still in its gentrification process and features homes that fall below the average listing price compared to neighbouring Little Venice and Queens Park. There is still a 20 per cent price difference between the two areas, less than the 40 per cent in 2013, but the gap is looking to close more as a result of the 6 phase, South Kilburn Regeneration Programme.

Be a Londoner reports that the median age in Maida Vale is around 33. The median annual household income is around £40,000. 45 per cent of residents live alone, while the second-largest demographic of residents are households with dependant children, falling at just over 33 per cent. Long term vacant dwellings and second homes located in the area make up just 4 per cent. The majority of residents live in the area between 3 to 10 years which is considerably higher than the average. The majority of residents In Maida Vale are in full-time employment and are qualified to degree level.

Residents can easily enjoy access to many of the city’s parks with the use of public transport. Within Maida Vale, residents can take advantage of Paddington recreation centre with its park, gym and outdoor sports facilities. The Canal provide a pleasant area for walking, head towards Regents Park and enjoy an atmosphere not dissimilar to the English countryside, and head toward Blomfield Road, and the neighbourhood feels more town like, reflective of the streets in a Jane Austen novel.

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Flats For Sale Maida Vale